You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

At this point, you might be feeling quite skeptical of my claims and cynical regarding my intentions…

Why would anyone so freely and openly share “the secret” to beating no foldem holdem?

Three answers…

First, I deeply enjoy teaching and sharing my enjoyment of the game with others. To that end, I can satisfy my urge to “give lessons” on this website rather than at the poker table.

Second, the big secret is that there is no secret. The internet and bookstores are already full of all the information you will ever need to be a winner.

Third, I am not the least bit worried about people beating me. Why not? Because most people… whether due to denial, dishonesty, stupidity, laziness, stubbornness, or all the above… refuse to admit that there is something they do not understand about the game. And even for those who do know better, their addiction to action is so intense that they are willing to pay $20 to $30 per hour (or more) for the the thrill of rolling the dice again and again.

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