What You Will Learn

Naturally, we need to discuss the nuts and bolts of the game…

… starting hands, betting options, position, draws, pot odds, domination, bluffing, etc.

But we must do more than understand the nuts and bolts of the game if we want to be winners…

To that end…

Fold ’em hold ’em will transform you from someone who kind of sort of understands the game into someone who profoundly understands the game.

Fold ’em hold ’em will give you the tools you need to translate that understanding into easy decisions at the poker table under actual playing conditions.

Fold ’em hold ’em will teach you how to totally eliminate common “leaks” from your game.

Fold ’em hold ’em will completely reprogram your expectations of what the cards can and cannot do for you.

Fold ’em hold ’em will teach how to completely tilt-proof your psyche.

Fold ’em hold ’em will teach you how to enjoy the inner game of poker that goes well beyond the fun factor and extra income.

Fold ’em hold ’em will do more than educate. Fold ’em hold ’em will immerse you in a process that is profoundly therapeutic… healing many old poker wounds along the way.

When you graduate, you will not just think differently; you will also feel differently… about both the game and about yourself.

The journey will transport you to a place, both intellectually and emotionally, where you are guaranteed to have some fun and make some money playing this fascinating game with absolute confidence and unshakable serenity.

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