The First Lesson, Revisited

Myth: Poker is a game of skill.

Truth: Poker is a game of knowledge and discipline.

You need BOTH to be a successful player.

Knowledge without discipline is a losing combination.

And discipline without knowledge is also a losing combination.

You need BOTH to be a successful player.

But the interesting bit is this…

When you come to profoundly understand the game, the “discipline” comes automatically and stress-free.

And once you appreciate the game at that level, you will realize that “discipline” is the wrong word. You will discover that what appears to be savage, otherworldly patience and self-control is nothing more than the perfectly rational behavior of someone who deeply understands the game.

And, when you start to see the positive results, your knowledge and “discipline” will mutually reinforce each other in a self-sustaining spiral of success!

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