Kinds of Bad

Let’s make a list of the many ways that bad players play badly…

  • They play too many hands.
  • They don’t respect raises.
  • They routinely buy in for the table minimum.
  • They believe in lucky seats.
  • They bet out of turn.
  • They have favorite hands that they play no matter what.
  • They routinely over-play trap hands.
  • They routinely play short-stacked.
  • They straddle.
  • They pay no mind to position.
  • They routinely call with anything in the small blind.
  • They routinely call cold on the big blind.
  • They routinely chase long shot draws.
  • They routinely play dominated hands out of position.
  • They ascribe wins to their superior skill.
  • They blame their losses on bad luck.
  • Can you think of some others?

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